10 Breastfeeding Essentials

10 Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding can be a wonderful, overwhelming, and exhausting time. I'm very fortunate to have been able to breastfeed all of my girls, and through my time as a breastfeeding mom I've discovered a handful of things that are helpful to have on hand.

Muslin/burp Cloths

For me this is something I cannot breastfeed without, I have a very quick let down and if there isn't something to catch the milk that baby can't swallow quick enough, then baby and I both end up soaked. And as the early days come with enough outfit changes as it is I do my best to avoid as many as I can ;). In the UK we have muslin cloths (think receiving blankets but half the size) that are really absorbent and work great for me for breastfeeding. I've not been able to find similar over here so I ordered mine from the UK. But you could cut up receiving blankets, or buy burp cloths. They're also super helpful for catching any milk baby night bring up whilst being winded.

Nursing Pillow

All four of my girls were born via C-section, so having something to prop baby up and take the pressure off the wound area is super helpful. I didn't actually invest in one until this time round but I wish I had before. It's so much better than a random cushion or blanket that I used in the past. Even if you didn't have a C-section it's great for positioning baby so you aren't hunching over. It's also great for helping older siblings hold the new baby. I'm hoping it will also be good for tummy time, and for when London is learning to sit up.


We have Phillips hue bulbs which are dimmable. However I found that even on the lowest setting, they were too bright at 2am. So I purchased a nightlight that has been amazing. It can be moved around which is great when changing diapers before a feed. It provides enough light to see baby without being painfully bright, and the brightness is adjustable. You can choose warm or cool white to suit your preference. I really wish this is something I'd purchased for the hospital as the lights in my room were so bright.

Breast Pads

When your milk comes in your breasts will leak both between feeds, and whilst feeding, as feeding on one side will stimulate your other breast to let down. Being wet and uncomfortable is embarrassing and unpleasant. So having little pads in your bra to absorb any leaks makes breastfeeding much more enjoyable. For the early days I use disposable pads as I've found the absorption to be unparalleled by reusable pads, and it takes your body a while to adjust to how much baby is drinking. But once my supply settles I much prefer reusable pads. They're less scratchy, more comfortable, and cheaper in the long run as you can pop them in with your normal washing.

Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding can be absolutely wonderful, and  also riduculously uncomfortable, and painful at times too. You'll want a good nipple cream on hand for those uncomfortable times. I love the Weleda one (I love all of their products). 

Nursing Bras

You can get by with a stretchy bralette, but this is one of those times in life that I find a purpose-built item to be far superior. The convenience and comfort of a well-built nursing bra cannot be raved about enough.

Water Bottle

Breastfeeding takes a lot out of you, especially water. I drink like a fish when I'm breastfeeding. Having a water bottle on hand means you can grab a drink whenever/wherever you're feeding. I can attest that the moment you sit down to feed, leaving your glass of water out of reach, you'll be the thirtiest you've ever been, aha.

Long Phone Charger

Feeding sessions can be long, so having some form of entertainment on hand for those longer ones is nice. I like to use the time that I am bound to one spot to get my groceries ordered or catch up on emails. Having a long charging cable means you can keep your phones battery topped up while still having access to it. The longer cable is also really helpful while you're in the hospital as the outlets never seem to be close to the bed.


Along with being incredibly thirsty, breastfeeding can make you ravenous. Having some filling snacks on hand can be super helpful.

Kindle/ Tablet 

We co-sleep, so once my babies reach 9 months or so, I tend to lay down and feed them in bed throughout the night, but before then I like to sit up and feed (just my personal preference, you do what works best for you). Since it's the middle of the night and it can be hard to stay awake, I find reading on my kindle to be the perfect amount of stimulation, not too little that I drift off, but not too much that I'm buzzed and then can't sleep.

Are there any breastfeeding essentials that I missed? Leave yours below.



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