24 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained

24 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained

I've been a stay at home mom (sahm) for over 5 years, I know those days where it's hard to keep your littles busy. So I've compiled this list to give you some inspiration if today is one of those days in your home.

  1. Make play dough - here is one recipe, but there’s loads on Google, and of course you could play with some you have already, or buy some - we have some great playdough in the store. And if you're looking for something to make your play dough extra fun you can check out of dough rollers here.
  2. Baking - whip up a batch of cookies, brownies, or whatever you fancy!
  3. Get the kids out on their scooters and/or bikes.
  4. Go for a walk - enjoy some fresh air whilst the kids burn off some energy.
  5. Go to the playground 
  6. Blow bubbles, we LOVE our Dr Zigs bubbles.
  7. Do a scavenger hunt - there’s loads of different ones on Google so you don’t have to worry about making one up yourself, just find one that’ll work for you, and print it off!
  8. Kids yoga - Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube is great.
  9. Make slime - there's lots of recipes online, you can also use liquid glue and activator.
  10. Activity books - these are great for learning and keeping your little ones busy.
  11. All the crafts - coloring, painting, sticking, cutting, you name it. For younger kiddos, we have some great finger paints, that you can shop here.
  12. Build a fort.
  13. Water play - my girls all love playing with water whether it's in a bucket, the sink, or the bath, it keeps them amused for hours. On days where I'm tearing my hair out, this is my go-to.
  14. Make an obstacle course at home.
  15. Have a picnic - either inside or outside. My girls love an "at home picnic" (eating lunch on the floor of our living room).
  16. Stickers.
  17. Teach your kids to cook - where possible get them involved with making dinner, not only will they have fun, but they’ll be learning important life skills too.
  18. Make a hopscotch - masking tape a hopscotch on a floor in your house, or outside - you could even draw one with chalk. 
  19. Have a dance party.
  20. Chalk - get the kids out on the drive, path, or back patio and let them get creative. You can shop our chalk here.
  21. Board games.
  22. Sensory play - get a container and add some dry pasta or rice, a couple spoons and bowls and leave your little one to play. 
  23. Play - simple but effective, I overlook getting down to play with my girls sometimes, and they truly love when I actively engage in play with them. 
  24. Watch a movie - snuggle up on the couch with some snacks and watch a movie together.


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