Cloth Diaper Jargon

Cloth Diaper Jargon

Welcome to the world of cloth diapers! Like many new things in life, cloth diapering comes with a bunch of specific terminology, and abbreviations to learn. It can be a bit overwhelming, so to make it a little easier, I’ve compiled a list for you.

All In Two - A diaper made from an outer waterproof cover and an insert, that clip together to make an absorbent diaper.


All In One - The type of cloth diaper most like a disposable. The waterproof exterior and inserts are all one piece, no folding or stuffing required.


Another way of saying inserts, often used when talking about how to ‘boost’ the absorbency of a diaper.


Birth To Potty - The age/size range the diaper should fit. 


Cloth Diaper

Cloth Wipes

Square pieces of material, similar in size to disposable wipes, used in the same way as a disposable wipe, only washed along with your cloth diapers. 

Diaper Cover

The water-resistant outer cover or “shell” of the diaper.

Diaper Sprayer

An attachment for your toilet for spraying solid waste off of your diapers prior to laundering.

Double Gusset

An extra set of elastics sewn into the leg area, that are great for containing soiled diapers.

Fitted Diaper

Similar to a flat in that it’s made entirely of absorbent fabric, and needs a cover over the top. 


A large piece of fabric that’s folded to form the shape of a diaper. It needs to be secured with a clip, and used with a waterproof cover.


A common fabric used inside diapers, and for liners. Great for wicking moisture away from baby.

Hook and Loop

Referring to the Velcro style fastening on a diaper.


The absorbent part of the diaper, usually a rectangular piece of material that can be stuffed inside the opening of a pocket diaper, or laid inside a cover.


Can be reusable or disposable. A liner is placed between baby and the diaper to provide extra protection, either for the baby (such as wicking away moisture) or for the diaper if using diaper cream. Liners can also make soiled diapers easier to clean.


One Size Fits All - The age/size range the diaper should fit. 


One Size Fits Most - The age/size range the diaper should fit. 


One Size - The age/size range the diaper should fit. 


A type of cloth diaper that has a waterproof exterior and an interior pocket for the inserts.


Plastic snap buttons for fastening diapers.


An upgrade on the traditional flat, these are large pieces of fabric with pre-cut wings. They’ll need to be secured with a clip and used with a waterproof cover.


A piece of fabric made up of multiple layers, with extra layers in the middle for absorbency. Will need a waterproof cover over the top.


Polyurethane Laminate - A water-resistant fabric that is used for the outer cover of cloth diapers and wet bags.


A clip fastener for flats.


Another word for inserts.


The term used to describe the preparation of pocket diapers, as you have to “stuff” the inserts into the cover. 

Wet Bag

A reusable diaper bag for storing both wet and dry diapers.


Pulling moisture away from skin/baby.

Wipe Bits

Small pieces of soap, that once mixed with water create a wipe solution for cloth wipes.

I hope this list helps you in your cloth journey! Please drop a comment below if there's any that I've missed.


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