Super Simple Eco-friendly swaps

Super Simple Eco-friendly swaps

Over the last couple of years it’s become increasingly clear that we need to change our habits in order to protect the planet that we call home. There’s so much information available, and so many ways to go about making environmentally-friendly choices, that it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start. Here’s my list of super-simple changes you can make, and the best bit: most of them save money as well as the planet!

Ditch the Bottled Water

Say goodbye to plastic bottled water. Pick up a reusable bottle and fill it up throughout the day instead. We all carry reusable bottles with us and have never had a problem finding somewhere to top them up whilst we’re out. It’ll aso save you some money, as filling a bottle at home will cost a fraction as much as buying bottled water, and at most places you can refill them for free.

BYOB (bring your own bags)

In England there’s a 5p charge per disposable bag in most shops to encourage people to bring their own with them. We were really pleased to see that this is also the case here in Maryland, and hopefully the other states/ the world will be the same soon, so we can phase out single-use bags. Not only is it much better for the environment, they’re actually easier to use as you don’t have to worry about the flimsy plastic ripping, or stretching and breaking. Reusable bags are sturdy, often come in cute patterns, and you can get insulated ones which are great for transporting chilled/frozen items. The initial outlay is more for reusable bags than it is for the single use ones, but you’ll save money in the long-run as it won’t take long to make the money back in 5p bag savings.

Reusable Coffee Cup

I love to treat myself to a coffee on-the-go as much as the next person, but the disposable cups add guilt to the experience for me. When I remember I like to take a reusable coffee cup with me. They can be used time and time again, and if you get one that's insulated your coffee will stay hot/cold for longer. An added bonus is that some coffee shops give a discount if you use your own cup, so it’s a win all-round!

Reusable K-Cup for Keurig

When we moved to America, we ended up purchasing a Keurig. I’ve long despised the plastic, one time use coffee pods that Keurigs, and other similar machines promote. So before hopping onboard I researched and found that there was in fact an alternative. You can purchase a reusable K-cup that you put your own grounds into, before putting it into the machine. It’s great. James and I don't drink the same coffee, so this allows us to make our own individual cups.

Reusable Straws

This was something we jumped on early in our journey as our girls love to use straws. We purchased metal ones that have a silicone tip so you don’t have to have the metal in your mouth, but you can still enjoy the durability of the metal. They also have different colored tops, which is great for avoiding arguments about whose is whose. We use them at home, out on picnics and have taken them to restaurants too. I've seen a few posts recently about the 'risks' of metal straws, personally I use them with the same caution as I do with my girls using cutlery. But if it concerns you, there's plenty of silicone options out there too.


Do away with plastic wrap, and tin foil, and pack your lunch in a box instead. You may not even need to purchase one, as you likely have a container around the kitchen that'll do the job. If you do decide to purchase one, I'd recommend looking for something good quality so it'll last. I really like stainless steel ones as they're easy to clean and don't hold onto smells or stains.

There you have it folks, super simple changes that will have a huge impact on the amount of waste you create. 

Let me know your beginner zero-waste swaps!


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