Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Kids

We love celebrating holidays with our girls, it's so fun to sprinkle some extra fun throughout the year. We try to be mindful with our spending, and so some years look different to other depending on other expenses etc we've had that year. Some years we like to do an experience with the girls, which might be a day out, or an experience at home such as a movie, or spa experience. That being said, we do at times too, and so I thought it would be helpful to compile a gift guide with some valentines gift ideas. 

Before I get into it, I want to say that you shouldn't feel obligated to purchase anything simply because there's a holiday coming up. Something fun that we like to do for our kids, that doesn't cost anything is create coupons for them, there are some free editable ones on Canva. You could include things like "movie night with mom", "paint your nails", "bake something together", "go on a walk", "trip to the playground" etc. Your kiddos will love the idea of spending their coupons, and you'll get the time together with them. Having said that, if you're looking for some gift ideas, I've got you covered. 

Kitpas Bath Crayons

Bath crayons are a wonderful gift for a wide range of ages, my girls (1-10 years) all thoroughly enjoy them. I love that the mess is contained within the bath, and it's easy to clean since the water is right there. And my girls will usually clean up their drawings with a sponge while they play, so the clean up on my end is super minimal. We have three different colorways available, the 'coral' set has a traditional Valentine's feel to it.

Shop bath crayons here.

Bath Bubbles/Bombs

What kiddo doesn't love a good bath? Bubbles or bath bombs are one of my girls' favorite gifts to receive. They're always super excited to try them out, and I love that they are consumable, so they work for any and every holiday/occasion as the previously purchased ones will have been used. 

Fruit/Veg Stones

In my humble opinion, everyone needs these sensory stones. They are so much fun, and I really love how versatile they are. We've lost some of our lovely wooden toys over the years to mold because our girls played with them outside or in water. These stones completely eliminate this concern, and I love that they can take their play outside.

Shop sensory stones here.


If you've read my other blogs you'll know that I'm a big advocate for sensory play. Playdough is one of my absolute favorite sensory activities. It's quick and easy to set up, and despite it getting a bad rep with parents, it's actually pretty quick to clean up (especially in comparison to rice or beans). Our Eco playdough is absolutely wonderful, and since it comes in the primary colors, it can easily be mixed to create a whole array of colors.

Shop play dough here.


Bubbles are always a winner with kids, and Dr Zigs are the king of all bubbles. They use an environmentally friendly formula, that is amazing for small and big bubbles alike (and when I say big, I mean BIG).

Shop Dr Zigs bubbles here.

Kitpas Crayons

Bath crayons aren't the only crayons your kids would enjoy receiving. Our Kitpas crayons make wonderful gifts. Not only are they great for drawing on paper like your everyday crayons, but they can also be used to draw on non-porous surfaces like windows, and then wiped off again. They also double as watercolors by adding water with a brush. You can check out our instagram for some valentines craft ideas using our Kitpas.

Shop Kitpas here.


Our adorable Eco-Kids chalks are the perfect little gift, especially in February as the days begin to warm, it's such a great time to get outside, and do some sidewalk drawings.

Shop sidewalk chalk here.

A Book

Our family loves a good themed book, and there's so many great ones out there for Valentines. We love to pick one up from a thrift store or from Thriftbooks to be a little more environmentally friendly. 

Wooden Animals

Wooden animals get a lot of love in our house, so adding one to the collection is always super exciting for the girls. We have a nice collection to choose from over on our site. 

Shop wooden animals here.

Wooden Car

Just like animals, our girls enjoy playing with anything they can push along the floor, our little wooden Bajo car is perfect for this! Or if you're looking for a bigger gift, our Auto Transporter is sure to be a winner.

Shop Bajo here.

I hope this helps if you're looking for some Valentine's ideas.


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