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Yellow Door

Let’s Roll – Forest Friends

Let’s Roll – Forest Friends

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Roll into play dough or clay and stamp with the creatures to make wonderful woodland scenes! Children can experiment using different amounts of pressure and rolling in different ways, honing their fine motor skills as they create tactile patterns and beautiful works of art.


  • This set contains six rollers: bird and tree, bat and wood, moth and fern, squirrel and tree trunk, snail and leaves, rabbit and burrow.


  • Each roller measures about 3” x 1.25”

Other Info:

  • Safe for age 2+
  • Made from a durable stone mix; rollers are suitable for indoor, and outdoor use year-round.

About Yellow Door:

At Yellow Door we believe that helping you to offer language-rich play environments is the best thing we can do together to enhance children’s learning, their well-being and their future success. We work very hard to ensure the resources we create are properly fit for purpose. 

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